• Image of Le Rêveur
  • Image of Le Rêveur
  • Image of Le Rêveur

Fill your home with the dewy fragrance of a rose garden on a Summers morning.

This is the scent of the heart of a rose in bloom; a lemony fresh scent overlaying a dewy rose petals.

Having fallen asleep reading The Night Circus, I awoke in a haze on one of those perfect early summer mornings, a scented dream of roses was still lingering in my senses. Diffused in the early morning light, a breeze was bringing in the soft smell of dew evaporating from the garden.

le Rêveur (the Dreamer) is a synthesis of the nights inspiration: A magical book by Erin Morgenstern and the dream of waking in a rose garden. The Rêveurs; enchanted by the magic of The Night Circus; follow it as it travels around the world. To signal their presence they wear monochrome with a hit of red to signal their passion to other Rêveurs. The twin flames light up your evening and inspire you to dream......

This candle is a very generous 500g (approx 15.5oz), is hand made with vegetal wax and botanicals and will bring at least 80 hrs of Illumination to your world.

The first time you light it; make a wish, and ensure you keep it lit for at least 2 hrs so that there is an evenly melted pool of wax so that it burns brightly each time.
Replacing the tapered lid after burning will ensure that your candle won't get dusty and that the fragrance will stay rich and beautiful until the end.