• Image of Eau de Cologne  - Classic
  • Image of Eau de Cologne  - Classic
  • Image of Eau de Cologne  - Classic

Eaux de Colognes are special as they sit in the intersection of perfume and medicine. The first recorded formula is in 1709, a blend of citrus oils, aromatic plants, flowers and the occasional daub of spice.

They lift the mood, refresh the mind and make you feel relaxed and ready for the day. The ultimate aromatic mood medicine, Eau de Cologne is one of the longest selling genres of fragrances and the original Unisex scent.

The key to a beautiful Eau de Cologne is the quality of the ingredients and the balance of these. Like cutting the perfect white shirt, precision and quality shine through. Pushing different facets gives different dimensions to the blend.

This Eau starts with Green Mandarin, Lime, Cedrat and Bergamot in the top. The heart is Neroli, Petitgrain, with a little Cypress leaf oil. Followed by a mossy base of Oakmoss and Lavendin.

Cologne is an ephemeral pleasure, designed to be re-spritzed as often as you like.
Spray with abandon and use whenever you need a lift. Use without moderation!

Please note that this formula will change slightly from batch to batch as a reflection of the harvests of the botanical ingredients.

There is a touch of beach-combed ambergris in the Eau de Cologne so it may not be suitable for vegans.