Cult of Scent is a boutique perfumery from Sydney’s vibrant Inner West. 

Cult of Scent perfumes are the perfect example of the maxima "less is more". Less raw materials in the perfumes - more harmony, air and purity. Simple and clear, thoughtful ideas, high quality of the raw materials, and a lot of hard work to create the perfect harmonious accord - that's enough to become succesful.

Jocelyn is both a perfumer and an artist. She has taught workshops in perfumery, scent creation and olfaction for a diverse range of audiences such as The National Trust, The Art Gallery of Newcastle, Workshop Australia and privately via Cult of Scent. She has worked with NIDA in the Sensate Studio exploring the use of olfaction in enhancing sensory engagement in performance and art. She has created scents for theatre performances, art installations and exhibitions. 

Blending her work with a unique synthesis of art and science; Jocelyn lectured in Botany, Pharmacognosy & Essential oil Chemistry and Herbal Pharmacy at Endeavour College of Natural Medicine, Nature Care and ACNT for over 10 years 

Jocelyn has been a professional member of the Societé Française des Parfumeurs since 2010

In her spare time, she takes inspiration from stopping to smell the roses, and explore spice bazaars distant lands. 

Cult of Scent started in late 2008 as a request for a range of fragrances to sell in a local boutique. It has since gained a loyal following from its customers (thank you all near and far!) and has continued to grow from there.
Following a brief hiatus to allow our perfumer to travel, study, explore the world of fragrances, chemistry and develop her creative skills; The Cult of Scent brand and fragrances were re-launched in August 2014

Cult of Scent is a place of engagement of the senses. A fragrance is a story told by the perfumer that when worn, becomes a new tale for the wearer. 

Welcome to the Cult of Scent.