Botanical Perfume Making Workshop


Revel in the creative potential of natures bounty!

Botanical perfumery differs a little from modern commercial perfumery as we work solely with essential oils, absolutes, resins, botanical extracts and natural isolates to create our perfumes.
The richness and complexity of these ingredients means that we need to be mindful as we choose our ingredients and layer them to create a botanical work of art.
Botanical raw materials are also very luxurious as the amount of plant material we need to produce them is very high. This can make them extremely costly to work with.

In this workshop you will learn the following:
How botanical ingredients are transformed into the extracts we use in perfumery.
The fragrance families of botanical ingredients.
How a perfumer works to build their olfactive memory and palette.
The facets in each raw material that can give you inspiration in perfumery.
How to assess quality in natural raw materials.
How to compose a beautiful natural perfume.

After a refreshing break, you will then make a fragrance that is uniquely yours to take home. Each person will take home a 15mL perfume in either an oil or atomiser format.

Rather than a didactic approach, my focus is on collaboration; nurturing your creativity and confidence. I like to take extra care that each person feels happy with their scent.
You will come away with new ideas, lots of knowledge as well as confidence and inspiration to keep exploring the beautiful world of fragrance.
This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced perfume lovers as I tailor our workshop to each person in group so that everyone feels looked after.

Any fragrances created on the day will also be kept on file so that you can have more made up for you later from the Atelier.


May 1st 10:30-1pm
June 1st 10:30-1pm

Maximum of 6 people per workshop so that you will each get a personalised experience.

Gift Vouchers are also available and are valid for 1 year, these will be sent out as a boxed bottle of scent to be brought to the workshop. Please let me know who to make it out to in the comments section of your order.

Location: Cult of Scent Atelier; Studio 7, 43-53 Bridge Road Stanmore 2048
This venue is an accessible venue.

Experience to share:
I have over 18 years experience in teaching to a wide variety of audiences and love to share my encyclopaedic knowledge of raw materials used in fragrances, medicines and cosmetics.
Botanical ingredients in perfumery and skincare attracted me to study herbal medicine in 1999 and then Naturopathy in 2000. After this I worked teaching and developing courses in essential oil chemistry and pharmacology, Botany, Herbal & Aromatic pharmacy, Manufacturing of herbal medicines and natural cosmetics.
In 2019, I decided to focus on perfumery and natural product development as this is where my passion lies.
In 2022 I realised my dream of opening up a perfume studio and lab where I can create and manufacture products and welcome people into this beautiful scented universe.
I have taught workshops exploring creativity and scent, learning and scent and perfume creation from naturals to mixed media scents to adults and children since 2013.

I have been working as a professional perfumer creating fragrances for Cult of Scent and projects for private clients since 2009.
I have been a member of the Societé Française des Parfumeurs since 2010 and \ a member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists since 2004

I look forward to creating with you...

Photo credits: Jolly Duong, Tammy Burnstock.

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