Perfumed Vagabonds - Travel Set

$140.00 - $400.00

WINTER SPECIAL until 2nd July. Choose 4 Vagabonds for $150 and recieve a complimentary sample of the new scent!

All Vagabond kits will include a sample of the soon to be released new fragrance.

Maybe you're off for an adventure and need a practical set of smaller sized scents to keep in your bag.
We think this is a fabulous idea, and would like to encourage you by offering you a chance to create your ideal scent wardrobe. The more you choose, the better the 'per scent' price.

All are refillable so you can also save on packaging and decant from your larger bottles at home or come into the Atelier for a refill.

Perfumed Vagabonds are a set of 3, 5, 7 or 10 refillable 7.5mL travel sprays with a linen pouch in a gift box.

Choose from:

Eau de Parfums ($55 each solo)
Fire Amber Baby
The Hedonist
Something Beautiful
Sweet Libertine
Fierce Gentle
The Nightingales Cup
Ring of Stars

Eau de Colognes ($50 each solo)
Gin et Tonic
Soft Focus
Liquid Sunset

Please make a note of your selection in the comments section of your order.

All Cult of Scent fragrances are are tested on willing humans (thanks friends!) not animals.

Good news! Afterpay is now available. If you'd like to use this option, it will be available during the checkout process.