Fig Tree on a Starry Night


A fresh green and woody fig fragrance in a beautiful big green Art deco inspired glass vessel.
An elegant balance of fresh green leaves, milky sap and a woody soft base.

Drift off into dreams of a Mediterranean night, watching the stars wheel by in a grove of fig trees.
This refillable glass vessel offers at least 80 hours of Illumination and has a 600mL fill.

I like to call this edition the Green Goddess, as its green and very impressive!

Remember to make a wish the first time you light your candle, sending your wishes to the heavens.....

All Cult of Scent fragrances are unisex, handmade, tested on willing humans and make very special gifts for you and those you love. The candles are made from a blend of vegetal waxes.

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Attribution note: This fragrance was created by Rene Scholl a senior perfumer who has been a mentor for me. It was purchased at the beginning of Cult of Scent in circa 2009. For continuity, and because his work is so great, I make an exception here in using someone else's work and continue to utilise his fragrance for this candle.

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