• Image of Lemon Drops Sani-Spray

Lemon Drops started as a response to the overwhelming gloom of this pandemic.
I figured what I needed to make was an antidote to that heavy feeling we've been having.

One of my favourite childhood sweeties are lemon sherberts. They're bright zesty and fun. Sparkly and sweet, with a tangy centre. Impossible to feel gloomy with one of these in your mouth! This became the inspiration behind the scent.

Made according to the WHO guidelines on manufacturing sanitisers. This is a blend of smooth organic alcohol (75%), glycerine to protect your hands, some rather nice Calabrian citrus oils and a sprinkle of sugar to give a dash of sweetness. It's ephemeral, 100% natural and rather lovely with a smell that doesn't interfere with your enjoyment of food or drinks.

Some people have been wearing it as a cologne. That's cool, it's perfectly safe to do so also if you like!

To use: Spray a few spritzes onto your hands, massage in till dry.

Available in a 30mL glass refillable atomiser in a linen drawstring bag and a 200mL glass refill bottle.

Lemon Drops Sani-Spray was first made in March 2020, was originally hand labelled, and then just given away to friends, family, people in my community and anyone who commented on how nice it was! I've finally gotten around to labelling it.

Thanks to Sarah @blackwood_apothecary for the artwork ❤ I find it far easier to make products than design logos!