• Image of The Nightingale's Cup
  • Image of The Nightingale's Cup
  • Image of The Nightingale's Cup
  • Image of The Nightingale's Cup

Awakened by the light of a radiant spring morning; the memory of a nights revelry.
Dewdrops coalesce in the heart of a rose - the Nightingales Cup - petals open, warmed by the coming sun.

The Nightingale's Cup starts cool yet warms on the skin to a radiance that captures the joy of Spring mornings and the coming of the sun.

With a sparkling lemony fresh introduction, a radiant rose heart melts into a base of iris, ambergris and oakmoss.

Originally created as a personal fragrance; The Nightingales Cup was inspired by Le Rêveur and forms a perfect pairing with it. I was urged to share this beauty with you.

The inspiration for the name is from a piece by Persian poet Rumi;

'When the rose is withered and the garden is gone,
You will hear no more the nightingale’s song;
When the rose is withered and the garden laid bare
In attar of roses the scent is still there'

I hope you feel the same magic wearing The Nightingales Cup as I do.

International orders: Full bottles of perfume have been formulated in an alcohol free base to fit with international shipping restrictions. While the fragrance compound will remain unchanged in formulation, the alcohol free base may affect projection (slightly lesser) and longevity (slightly longer).

All Cult of Scent fragrances are unisex, handmade in small batches, tested on willing humans (cruelty free) and make very special gifts.
Please note: The Nightingales Cup is not suitable for vegans as it contains beach-combed ambergris

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