• Image of You and a Ring of Stars
  • Image of You and a Ring of Stars
  • Image of You and a Ring of Stars

A fragrance that has inspired many stories and flights of fancy on its way to finding a name.
We decided to send out samples and hear what you had to say.
In return, wonderful images of swirling opalline dust clouds, lying under the sun in grassy fields, watching stars twinkle in the night sky, feeling calm, anticipating pleasure, longing and coming home. The name had to have a sense of being wrapped in dreams of contentment, swirls of clouds and stellar drifts....
It had to read gender neutral, romantic but with a little twinkle.

A dear friend who said, "it smells like me, like coming home" and then wrote this beautiful story:

"She looks up, her legs curled beneath her in a softly worn armchair, its leather eroded to fine suede. Her eyes are hooded, deep in thought a world away, but as he leans in, they sparkle with knowing him, reclaiming her space in this world. Her book, its pages thumbed, falls to her lap and he catches her scent, caught in the notch of her throat, cool air meeting winter-warm skin. The rich, heady scent of India smudges his mind, a ritual of longed-for remembrance; there’s an echo of woodsmoke, clean linen and a hint of spring, but mostly he smells her peace, her warm contentment and the scent of home. Amber, sandalwood, leather and lavender - superstellar drift " (H.K. Morgan-Harris)

After a few months of bouncing names around, it finally come. With a shiver of recognition, it was right!
The name comes from a poem 'Offering and Rebuff' by Carl Sandburg.
I was enchanted by the idea that 'you and a ring of stars, may mention my name'

I thought about being asked about what scent you're wearing, and the reply "You, and a ring of Stars" just seemed perfect.

I hope you love "You and a Ring of Stars" and keep finding stories to inhabit.

Fragrance description:
An aromatic embrace of Lavandin Absolute, Rosemary and Oakmoss dances with a woody amber heart of WA Sandalwood, Olibanum and Labdanum and swirls with a hint of smoky birch tar.

Aromatic, Agrestic, Woody, Spicy & Ambery with a nod to the Fougère genre of fragrances.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Fragrance, Aqua, Linalool, Farnesol, Limonene, Oakmoss extract, Coumarin, Eugenol, Linalool.
There is one naturally derived molecule (Ambroxan <0,01%), and traces of IBQ (0,002%) a synthetic molecule that gives a little leathery smoky tweak. The rest is, as usual a blend of the most beautiful naturals I could find.