You and a Ring of Stars

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You are here,
Dry grasses susurrate in the afternoon breeze, clouds scud across blue skies.
Lying in Lavendin fields, the afternoon light turns blue as evening falls.
Rosemary sends its aromatic breath to the heavens. Swirls of frankincense waft up as the first constellations appear.
The earth is warm with the heat of the day. The fragrance of sandalwood envelops you with its warmth.
You are here,
The earth warm below you, the heavens cool above you.

This fragrance is an exploration of the accord between two ingredients; Lavandin absolute and West Australian Sandalwood.
Coriander seed enhances the dryness, Tasmanian Rosemary the aromatic freshness, making a cooling sensation.
Labdanum, Frankincense CO2 and Ambroxan form the base accord, supporting the Sandalwood, extending it and linking to the agrestic warmth of the Lavandin absolute.
A hint of birch tar elevates the aromatics drawing out and refining the scent.

Aromatic, Agrestic, Woody, Spicy & Ambery with a nod to the Fougère genre of fragrances.

All Cult of Scent fragrances are unisex, handmade, tested on willing humans and make very special gifts for you and those you love. You and a Ring of Stars is suitable for vegans.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Fragrance, Aqua, Linalool, Farnesol, Limonene, Oakmoss extract, Coumarin, Eugenol.

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