• Image of Fire Amber Baby
  • Image of Fire Amber Baby
  • Image of Fire Amber Baby

Love in front of a crackling fire, incense and candlelight play on warm skin.

Notes of Amber, Labdanum and Smouldering incense resins.

Fire Amber Baby is a Cult of Scent Classic. There is just something very delicious about this fragrance that makes it irresistible on either men or women.

It was this kind of cult following that inspired the creation of a special Fire Amber Baby postcard to send out with orders of this fragrance.

International orders: Full bottles of perfume are formulated to order in an alcohol free base to fit with international shipping restrictions. While the fragrance compound will remain unchanged in formulation, the alcohol free base may affect projection (slightly lesser) and longevity (slightly longer).

All Cult of Scent fragrances are unisex, handmade in small batches, tested on willing humans (cruelty free of course! ) and make very special gifts.

Fire Amber Baby is suitable for vegans.