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Who is The Hedonist?
Sitting in the library sprawled on the Chesterfield, a cigar and a glass of cognac in hand. Last night was intriguing, what will be the next adventure?
Did he just tear in on a Harley, smelling of grease, leather and a hint of sweat?
Was she enrobed in vintage furs sipping a cocktail?
Was he on stage weaving stories with his bass, voice and an inimitable sense of theatre? Incense, leather and seduction, fall under the spell of The Hedonist

From Perfumes The Guide (2018) Luca Turin:
The Hedonist (3 stars) Holy Smoke.
"I love smoky perfumes, usually mostly the smoky part. The rest often seems like lipstick on bacon. This one wears no lipstick LT."
Notes of Russian leather, Incense and Smoky woods.

International orders: Full bottles of perfume are formulated to order in an alcohol free base to fit with international shipping restrictions. While the fragrance compound will remain unchanged in formulation, the alcohol free base may affect projection (slightly lesser) and longevity (slightly longer).

All Cult of Scent fragrances are unisex, handmade in small batches, tested on willing humans (cruelty free) and make very special gifts.

The Hedonist is suitable for vegans as the castoreum note is a safe synthetic.